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Experience the difference with Piedmont Plastics’ exclusive line of PolyCor™ products – the industry’s premier solution for specialty vehicle and trailer construction.


Discover the advantages of Piedmont Plastics' PolyCor materials.


1. Top Layer

The exterior layer of PolyCor AP showcases a sleek high-performance finish that is resistant to warping even in extreme temperatures. Its outstanding weather resistance and visually appealing design seamlessly combines style with durability.

2. Inner Core

Fixed between the top and base layers of PolyCor AP is a cutting-edge polymer core. This specialized thermoplastic blend delivers an optimal balance of rigidity, strength, and lightweight characteristics, enhancing the composite’s overall stability.

3. Base Layer

Completing the PolyCor AP structure, the base layer strengthens the material while adding a refined finished touch. Together, these layers create a robust and polished solution for your next-generation specialty vehicle and trailer needs


PolyCor HL is a lightweight corrugated material designed to withstand impacts and moisture without deterioration. Its hassle-free construction allows you to enjoy a durable and long-lasting headliner solution that surpasses the performance of traditional products.